BSNL FTTH (Fiber to the home) Internet service is the fastest wired internet service in India. Here I will share some BSNL optical fiber broadband plans with unlimited usage & their speed, Fair usage policy limits and the tariff details. Unlimited BSNL Fiber broadband plans can be divided into three categories.

BSNL FTTH plans with Speed up to 2Mbps

Total nine FTTH Optical fiber broadband tariffs are available in this category. Out of 9 FTTH plans, two are the best in this speed limit.

  1. BBG UL 545: In this scheme, you will get up to 2Mbps internet speed till 1GB data usage. After that speed is reduced to 512Kbps. Monthly charges are Rs 545/-.
  2. BBG ULD 795: In this plan, you will get up to 2Mbps internet speed till 8GB data usage. After crossing fair usage policy limit of 8 Gigabyte, speed gets reduced to 512Kbps. Monthly charges are Rs 795/-.
  3. BBG ULD 1199: It is the new tariff with unlimited Internet data @ flat 2Mbps speed and Free Local & STD calls to any network across the India.

The more important point is that if you are taking any Bsnl fiber broadband plans with unlimited download (Not the combo), there is no need to take a voice facility.

BSNL unlimited fiber broadband plans

BSNL Optical Fiber broadband plans with Speed from 4 to 24 Mbps

Total 15 unlimited BSNL fiber broadband plans in this category. Here BSNL FTTH tariffs are subdivided in ULD & Combo ULD. In ULD type you are not provided a phone or voice facility on your connection. But in Combo ULD you get a Voice service telephone connection free of cost with some free calls to BSNL network only and Night calling (From 9 PM to 6 AM) is entirely free to any operator.

  1. BBG Combo ULD 999: Speed up to 4Mbps till 8 GB. After fair usage limit of 8 GB, your speed will get reduced to 512 Kbps and 400 free calls on BSNL Network. It will cost you Rs 999/- per month.
  2. BBG Combo ULD 1495: Speed up to 4 Mbps till 30GB beyond that 512 Kbps. It is good one for those whose data download are around 30 Gigabyte per month data. Also 250 free on-net calls. It will cost you Rs 1495/- per month.
  3. BBG Combo ULD 2091: This gives you 80GB FUP limit and speed of 4Mbps. After 80 Gigabyte reduced speed will be 512 Kbps. It will cost you Rs 2091/- per month.
  4. BBG Speed Combo ULD 2295: This one also has 80GB FUP limit but enhanced fiber broadband speed of 8Mbps. After 80 Gigabyte speed will be reduced to 512Kbps. Free 1000 on-net calls. It will cost you Rs 2295/- per month.
  5. BBG Speed Combo ULD 2841: This is also good plan having 175GB FUP limit and 8Mbps speed. After crossing FUP limit speed will be reduced to 512Kbps. Free 1000 on-net calls. It will cost you Rs 2841/- per month.

Above mentioned calls having free voice telephone facility and unlimited free night calling from 9 PM to 7 AM. Now we see some Non-combo FTTH Fiber broadband tariff if you don’t need phone connection and just want to use the internet. Then these are the best in Market

FTTH BSNL tariff plans only for Internet facility

  1. BBG ULD 1275: This is the lowest price tariff in this category with up to 4Mbps speed and 20 GB FUP Limit on data. After 20 Gigabyte speed will be 512Kbps. Charges are Rs 1275/- per month.
  2. BBG ULD 1891: Here also fiber internet speed is 4 Mbps but FUP limit is 80GB. After crossing 80 Gigabyte limit, fiber internet speed will be 512Kbps. Charges are Rs 1891/- per month.
  3. BBG ULD 2641: Here internet speed is 8 Mbps till 175GB. Beyond 175 Gigabyte it will be reduced to 512Kbps. Charges are Rs 2641/- per month.
  4. BBG ULD 2645: In this broadband plan speed is 16 Mbps till 80GB. After that, it will be 512Kbps. Charges are Rs 2645/- per month.

BSNL FTTH internet with Speed from 10 to 100 Mbps

Now we will see some very high-speed BSNL FTTH broadband plans with the unlimited download which are great options for business purpose.

  1. FiBro ULD 3999: Internet Speed is up to 10 Megabits Per Second. FUP limit is 200 GB after crossing this limit speed will be reduced to 512Kbps.
  2. FiBro ULD 5999: Here fiber broadband speed is up to 20 Megabits Per Second. Fair usage policy limit is 300 GB. After using 100Gigabyte data, your speed will get reduced to 1 Mbps.
  3. FiBro ULD 9999: This is up to 50 Megabits Per Second internet speed and data limit of 400 GB. Beyond 400 GigaByte speed will be 2 Mbps.
  4. FiBro ULD 16999: This can give you fiber broadband speed of up to 100 Megabits Per Second and 600 GB fair usage data limit. After crossing FUP limit speed will be 4 Mbps.

That’s all about BSNL FTTH broadband. Charges shown here don’t include service tax and modem rent.

BSNL FTTH New Connection Charges

Apart from monthly rental users have to pay some extra amount at the time of booking a new Fiber Internet connection at their home or office. Most of the customers are confused about initial charges or they don’t know the breakup of the same. A new client has to pay the advance amount at the time of registration of new connection. New FTTH connection fees are as follows

  1. Rs 500/- Against Registration Charges
  2. Rs 500/- Against Landline Facility
  3. One month advance subscription of a plan.

Suppose you subscribed BBG Combo ULD 999 rental, then you have to pay one month rental i.e. Rs 999/-.  So new customer has to deposit Total Rs 1999/- for BBG Combo ULD 999 tariff.

On the first FTTH bill, you have to pay additional charges Rs 1000/- extra against ONT installation cost. One more point I want to mention here that you have to pay Rs 150/- every month against ONT or Fiber modem rent which is provided by BSNL. There is an option to purchase it, but it is highly recommended to keep it on rent.

In the case of any query, please comment below.
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BSNL Fiber to the home broadband plans review

4 thoughts on “BSNL Fiber to the home broadband plans review

  • June 9, 2016 at 10:58 am

    Thanks for sharing BSNL fiber tariff list and pros & cons of some plans.
    I have subscribed 1891 monthly for home broadband. It a good tariff with nice speed.

  • June 22, 2016 at 3:27 pm

    Totally waste plans…now days when companies like act are offering 50 Gb at 10 Mbps then unlimited at 1Mbps for Rs 650, bsnl is still following 8Gb and 512Kbps at higher price.

  • August 23, 2016 at 10:44 am

    hi there,
    Is there any FTTH plans with 22 mbps speed up to 50 or 70 GB?
    pls give me a reply ASAP.

    • August 23, 2016 at 11:18 am

      Following plans seems better as per your requirement.
      BBG ULD 2645 with 16 Mbps speed & 80 GB FUP Limit post FUP 1 Mbps
      BBG SUPER SPEED COMBO 3445 VDSL Speed 24 Mbps & 80GB FUP Limit post FUP 1 Mbps
      FIBRO ULD 5999 Speed 20Mbps & FUP 300GB Post FUP 1 Mbps


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