You can set up BSNL teracom modem just in few minutes. BSNL Wireless Modem default IP address is Before doing internet settings, you must make sure the following things

  1. Ethernet port of PC or Laptop must be in the enabled state.
  2. Ethernet cable from the modem is connected to PC or Laptop.
  3. IP address of your PC or Laptop selected as Obtain IP address automatically.

BSNL teracom modem settings

Open Internet Explorer, Firefox or any other browser and type in address bar

Press enter key

BSNL modem configuration


It will ask you for BSNL modem Username and password of router

Username => admin

Password => admin

Press Enter or Click on Log In

A page will open

On Left-hand side Click on configuration

Click on Internet Connection

BSNL modem configuration


Please check that 0/35 should not be present in VPI/VCI list. If it is there, please delete it by clicking on delete icon.

Now Click on Add button

You will see the following page

BSNL internet settings


Enter PVC Name (Here you can provide service provider’s name, you can take BSNL)

VPI: 0

VCI: 35

Note that your ISP will provide the PVC name, VPI and VCI which you may need to fill during configuration.

Click on Next

BSNL internet settings


Select PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) for always on connection. Keep other option as default.

Click on Next

bsnl modem settings


On this page leave everything on default values

Click on Next

bsnl modem settings


Here you need to enter your connections service name, user name, and password which are provided by your ISP.

Service name = BSNL or Dataone

BSNL Broadband username = Your ISP will provide it to you.

BSNL Password = Your ISP, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited will provide it to you, (By default it is password)

Fill the above details

Select the Always on

Click on Next

configure Bsnl modem


On this page just click on apply

Configure Bsnl modem


Now in left-hand side click on Admin

Click on Reboot

Right side of the page, click on the Reboot

It will take 2 minutes to restart the device

After successful reboot, new page will open like below

dsl modem configuration


Now configuration is completed. Let’s see the BSNL Wi-Fi modem settings.

 BSNL Teracom Wi-Fi router configuration

On left-hand side Click on the configuration

Then click on Wireless

On top of the page, you will see four headings, click on Basic Settings


wireless modem settings

First, check the wireless network status. It must be in enable status.

Change the Network name (SSID). The new SSID should not be office name, shop name or any known name of you or your family member’s name.

BSNL wi-fi settings


            Just below the SSID security settings, details are present. In “select security option” you get a drop-down list of many options. You must choose Wi-Fi Protected Access2 as it most advanced security standard for Wi-Fi routers.

After that there is a field for preferred authentication method which is to select as PSK (Pre-shared key).

Next field WPA pass phrase is the password field. Here you can choose your Wi-Fi internet password. It should be at least eight characters long and should contain special characters for improved security.

bsnl internet settings


Now click on the confirm button. Now Your Wi-Fi security settings are complete. Now you can access the internet through wi-fi enabled device.

Wi-Fi MAC Filtering (Optional)

MAC Address filtering provides the best security feature to Home wireless connections. In MAC filtering devices (PC, Laptops, and Smartphone, etc.are) MAC addreis entered in the whitelist of the router. The devices whose MAC address has been stored in the router, they can only allow to access the wi-fi internet.

BSNL wi-fi router settings


For MAC address filtering click on wireless network. Then on the top option, you can see MAC address filter.

Click on MAC address filter.

From the drop down menu select whitelist option.

Then type MAC address of your device.

Click on Apply

In the same way, you can add more devices.

Now MAC filter settings are complete.

Now BSNL modem configuration is complete. I have covered all the option modem setup, Bsnl internet settings, and wifi security settings. This modem works on ADSL broadband technology.

You can see other router setup guide also

For any query or suggestions, you can comment on the blog.

BSNL teracom modem settings

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