BSNL Promotional offer for Smart Phone users – 1 GB data free

State-owned telecom giant Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has decided to give a special free offer for Smartphone users to promote digital India drive and to increase internet users in prepaid mobile services.

On PAN India basis it has decided to offer 1 GB free Data for the Smart Phone users who are not using BSNL GSM Data services.

The intention of this offer is to promote the number of internet users in BSNL network. Shri R.K.Mittal, Director (CM) BSNL Board informed that this offer will encourage the smartphone users to experience best BSNL Data services

Smartphone offer: – One GB free Data with 30 days validity is to be offered for those Smart Phone (Andriod, Apple iOS, Blackberry OS, Windows OS, BAD, and WebOS etc.) users who are not using BSNL GSM Data services.

BSNL’s best 3G postpaid data plans for internet users

BSNL mobile postpaid data plans are among the most economical 3G plans in the telecom industry. Tariffs are same for both 2G & 3G, means both can be used interchangeably. Here you cannot get a wide variety of plans like available in prepaid. Very few people prefer these 3G data packs as you have to pay bills every month whether you are using it or not.

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BSNL 3G mobile prepaid data plans

BSNL 3G data plans are cheaper as compare to other operators. But due to various internet recharge options user get confused that which one they should select. In this article, I will explain how to choose the best plan from available options.

I have divided all BSNL data packs into three categories according to the free usage limit. In less than 1GB level, there are five good tariffs. It is best for those who have lesser internet usage per month and also having other alternatives to access the internet like Wi-Fi connection at Home or Office. They can try these plans. I think Rs 56/- for 21 days may be the best option for them.

BSNL internet recharge with data volume less than 1GB

Data STV amount in RS1729395698
Special RemarkUse these data packs if you occasionally uses mobile internet.Use these data packs if you occasionally uses mobile internet.Use these data packs if you occasionally uses mobile internet.It’s good for low uses limits like 300MB per monthIt fits if your usage in around 1.25 Gigabyte for 28 days
Free Usage Limit in MB110150200250650
Validity in Days1352114

Let’s come to 1 Gigabyte usage category. For this, you have a lot of options depending upon the validity of days. You do not have any plan that has 30 days validity. But these are economical as compared to other operators. If you’re per month usage is 2 Gigabyte then both 155 & 239 best to select. The 239 STV will give you Rs 80/- balance also so effectively it costs you Rs 150 for 1 Gigabyte.

Data packs with 1GB usage

Data STV amount in RS6878155198239
Special RemarkWhen high internet is required in a dayWhen High internet is required in a few days like HolidaysIt fits if your usage is 2 Gigabyte per month-It costs you around Rs 150/- for 1 Gigabyte.
Free Usage Limit in GB11111
Validity in Days15152814

Now let’s see the higher usage data packs which also have high costs. Plans like 444 & 451 are good for 1.5 & 1GB per month users. But you have to pay the advance amount for two months.

Mobile Prepaid Plans with more than 1GB limits

Data STV amount in RS2914444515618211099
Special RemarkNot applicable for south zone.Best for 1.5 Gigabyte per month usage. Effectively Rs 148/- for 1 Gigabyte 20 days.It costs you Rs 180 for 1 Gigabyte in 30 Days. Best plan for 1 Gigabyte per month users.Best for high internet usage per month.Best for high usage per month.Best for high usage per month.
Free Usage Limit in GB2.232 GB + Rs 80 Talktime569
Validity in Days286060306060


Best prepaid internet plans for approx 1GB per month or 28 days

  • Rs 98 for 14 days effectively Rs 196 for 28 days
  • Rs 198 for 28 days &
  • Rs 451 for 60 days + Rs 80 Talktime effectively Rs 180 for 30 days

Best internet recharge for approx 2 GB per month or 28 days

  • Rs 155 for 15 days effectively 310 for 30 days
  • Rs 239 for 14 days + 80 effectively 310 for 30 days
  • Rs 291 for 28 days

Some more topic related to BSNL

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What is FUP (Fair usage policy) limit?

Fair usage policy is implemented with a view that some subscribers may use an excessive amount of Network Bandwidth. It may reduce the available bandwidth for the other customers. Broadband FUP limit may control such subscribers. Hence ISPs are providing equal opportunity for customers to access the internet. Different ISPs have different tariff plans as per requirement of different Subscribers.  Hence the customers of low download usage per month do not pay more.

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