Points to consider before subscribing 4G internet service in India

4G internet is the new high-speed internet service in India. Wireless internet service providers just started to launch 4G broadband services using Long-term Evolution (LTE) technology. But as a user should I switch over to 4G internet service? Here I am sharing some information which may guide you to take the decision to move on it.

4G Network Availability

Long-term Evolution technology is in the initial stage in India. Only a few operators have started their services. Telecom service providers are more focused towards the major cities where they have a probability to get more customers quickly, so the 4G network may not be available everywhere and even in outskirts of the major cities. Hence before switching over to it just confirm whether LTE network is available in your location. You can check this from telecom service provider’s official website.

4G internet enabled handset

2nd most important point to check is that your Smartphone should support the LTE technology. You can check it from network settings of your Smartphone. If you find LTE network in network settings of the phone, then your phone supports it. If it is not then, you need an LTE enabled Smartphone.

If you want to access 4G internet service through the dongle or Wi-Fi hotspot, then you need to purchase a dongle or Wi-Fi hotspot.

Your budget

You have already seen that you need LTE enabled Smartphone or dongle or Wi-Fi hotspot to access broadband. To buy these devices, you need to spend extra money depending upon the cost of devices.

Your current Internet Connection Speed

If you are already using other broadband service and you are happy with its speed then no need to switch over to 4G internet. When comparing to 3G or other wired broadband technology, LTE offers max download speed of 100 Mbps, and 3G offers 21.2 Mbps through HSPA technology. Fiber broadband can provide you up to 1 Gbps.


4G Plans Cost

Currently, no service provider is offering unlimited plans with 4G. They will allow a user to use high-speed net up to fair usage policy (FUP). Later the user data rate is limited to a predefined data rate. If you want to access unlimited data services currently not available with any service providers, but when comparing with 3G data prices 4G data is also available at same rates with all the service providers.

4G Reliability

As per the standards LTE technology will support reliable data rate at speed up to 350 mph, and hence for subscribers moving by bus or car in the city it provides reliable data services, but due to limitations and early stage of implementation, the coverage is confined to only cities.

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