Airtel broadband unlimited tariff plans in Ahmedabad

In previous topics, I have shared the Airtel’s internet unlimited tariff plans comparative analysis in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi & Gurgaon. Now in this article, I will share the details of internet tariff at Ahmedabad Gujarat. Here you will find that as per connection speed all rentals are divided into three categories which are 1, 4 & 16 Mbps. Let’s see all by their categories

Broadband Unlimited plans in Ahmedabad
Review of Airtel broadband unlimited plans in Ahmedabad

It is a uniform 1 Mbps speed unlimited usage tariff with monthly rental Rs 899/-. I don’t advise you to take this one as others are better than this. I would like to mention one good point that it has no data limits or speed reduction like most of the tariffs have it.

Internet tariff with up to 4 Megabit per second

Review of Airtel broadband unlimited plans in Ahmedabad

In this category two rentals are available. If your monthly data usage is limited up to 5 GB, then it is the best one for you as monthly cost is lowest (Rs 599/-) among all rentals. Second one’s monthly fee is Rs 799/- with 15 GB fair usage policy (FUP) limit. It is suitable for home users with reasonable free usage data limit. Net speed gets reduced to 512 Kbps after crossing the FUP data limit on both of the tariffs as mentioned above.

Broadband plans with 16 Mbps bandwidth

Name & Monthly rental in RsFUP Limit in GBBandwidth in Megabits per secondBandwidth after FUP Kbps
Rapid 10993016512
Rapid 13995016512
Rapid 16997516512
Rapid 199910016512

In this category, all are high-speed tariffs with 16Mbps & per month cost is lesser than what we have seen in Airtel Delhi article on this website. These are the best for those who uses CCTV camera for surveillance, downloads movies, play online games & watches online videos, etc. You also get the free unlimited call to all operators for a plan having monthly rental Rs 1399/- or more. You can start with basic one which is Rs 1099/- month tariff & after using it one or two months, you can upgrade it according to your needs.

If you are going to take Airtel’s new connection in Ahmedabad then first check the connections feasibility by visiting their official website address. Also, do remember to recheck the monthly charges before subscribing any tariff as they may change from time to time. You can click on this link to book the new Airtel Broadband connection online.

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