Airtel broadband unlimited tariff plans in Delhi & Gurgaon

In this article, I will show you the Airtel’s internet tariff plans available in Delhi & Gurgaon. Airtel is one of the largest internet service providers in India. In the wired segment, it is providing broadband services in 87 cities as on date.

As there are many options available within Airtel at the same location, it’s tough to choose the best among them, and that’s why I have divided these tariffs into five categories according to their bandwidth. Only five types of tariffs like 4, 16, 24, 40 & 100 Mbps are available for the customers. As per your speed requirement, you can select the best among them.

Unlimited broadband plans in Delhi with 4Mbps speed

In this category, only two are there.

  1. 899: Its monthly rental is Rs 899/- with the bandwidth of 4Mbps & fair usage policy limit of 5GB. It is suitable for lower monthly usage.
  2. 1199: In this one monthly rental is Rs 1199/- with the bandwidth of 4Mbps & FUP limit is 15GB. This one is better as FUP limit is just three times more than 1st

Airtel internet plans with 16Mbps speed

Name & Monthly rental in RsFUP Limit in GBbandwidth in Mbps

As shown in above table Rs 1599/- rental is the balanced one. If you are taking a 16 Mega bit per second plan, then start with it. You can upgrade or downgrade it after few months as per your requirements.  One more benefit is that all of these tariffs provide you unlimited local & STD calls without paying any extra amount.

Internet plans with 24Mbps

  1. 2099: In this category, only one tariff is there with monthly rental 2099, 80GB FUP and 24Mbps speed.

Airtel 40 Mbps unlimited Broadband tariff

Name & Monthly rental in RsFUP Limit in GBbandwidth in Mega bit per second

40Mbps tariffs are of high-speed plans with high FUP limit. These are useful for small offices purpose where more computers & users are present.

Internet plans with 100 Mbps bandwidth

Name & Monthly rental in RsFUP Limit in GBBandwidth in Megabits per second

In this category Rs, 4799/- option is better as it’s giving you 200GB FUP with 100Mbps speed which is great.

Conclusion:  Now we can easily conclude that for lower monthly usage Rs 1199/- is good one.In 16 Megabit per second category Rs, 1599 is better for home users. You can try these for one or two months, after that you can upgrade the subscription according to your needs. All plans having monthly rental Rs 1399 & more are providing you unlimited Local & STD calls without any extra rent.

airtel broadband unlimited plans in Delhi and Gurgaon

Before subscribing any Airtel broadband tariff, I request you to check the coverage or feasibility of internet services in your location from this link like shown in above image & also recheck the monthly charges as they may be revised from time to time. You can click on this link to book a new Airtel Broadband connection.

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  1. Recently I Shifted to chandigarh area and was looking for best broadband services for my home. I Compared all plans of various internet service providers on to get the best deal. And Finaly I found that Airtel broadband connection is best option for me. As per me, price and speed of airtel broadband makes it best internet choice.

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