Review of Airtel broadband unlimited tariff plans in Hyderabad

So far we have seen the Airtel’s internet tariff plans in Delhi, Gurgaon & Bangalore. Now it’s the turn for Hyderabad where competition between the Internet service providers is huge, which we can observe from Airtel’s monthly rental. In Delhi & Bangalore minimum rental for one month is Rs 899/- per month with free usage data 5 & 30 GB respectively. But for Hyderabad same company is providing 60 GB data usage in just Rs 615/- per month.

Broadband Unlimited Plans

Review of airtel broadband unlimited plans in hyderabad

All tariffs are great with very high fair usage policy limit in Hyderabad & anyone from them can be opted. If you want to keep your budget low for the internet connection, then you can start with the Rs 615/- rental for home purpose as 60GB data limit is sufficient enough for one month. Otherwise, go for Rs 999/- per month tariff as it will provide you high speed. In fixed line broadband, connection speed gets reduced with the increase of distance from the telephone exchange, so ideal speed may not be possible everywhere.

Before taking any new Airtel internet connection here at Hyderabad, you must check the technical feasibility or coverage of the net services in your area using this official link. If someone from your locality is having the same service provider’s connection, then you can take the feedback from them & also make sure that your area is technically feasible.  Also, do remember to recheck the monthly charges at the time of subscribing new connection as they may be revised from time to time. You can click on this link to book a new Airtel Broadband connection.

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