Airtel broadband unlimited tariff plans in Chennai

So far we have seen the Airtel’s broadband unlimited plans in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Delhi & Gurgaon. In this article, we will see same for Chennai Tamilnadu. Here tariffs are not as good as we saw in Bangalore & Hyderabad.

Basic plan starts from Rs 999/- per month with 4Mbps speed & 10GB fair usage limit (FUP) data. After crossing the FUP data limit, you will get reduced of 512Kbps. It is a good plan for monthly low data usage.

Airtel broadband unlimited plans in Chennai

All Remaining tariffs (listed below) are having 16 Mbps bandwidth which is enough for home users.

Broadband Unlimited plans with 16 Mbps

Name & Monthly rental in RsFUP Limit in GBBandwidth in Mega bit per secondBandwidth after crossing FUP limit in Kbps

In 16 Mbps speed category, rents start from 1099 with 12GB free data usage. Here tariff Rs 1449/- is a balanced one & you should start with it. Just check it for two months & then upgrade or downgrade later on as per your usage requirements. All tariffs of Rs 1449/- & above will provide unlimited local & STD calls benefit.

There are also tariffs like Rs 2399/-, 2699/-, 2999/- which give you very high free usage data 120, 160 & 200 GB respectively. A subscriber can use these tariffs on following conditions

  1. Small office purpose
  2. You download many movies in months
  3. Play online games
  4. Downloads large files or software from the internet
  5. Runs an internet café

Airtel provides these tariffs through fixed line using cables. So in many places company may not have cable network. Hence it is better to check feasibility at your location using their official website link.

If someone from your locality is already having the same service provider’s connection, it means that your area is feasible.  Also, do remember to recheck the monthly rentals at the time of taking new connection as they may be revised from time to time. Please click on the link to book Airtel Internet connection.

Now you have an idea to choose best one from all available options. In the case of any doubt, please comment below.

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