Airtel broadband unlimited tariff plans in Pune

In this post, I am going to share the Airtel broadband unlimited plans detail in Pune Maharashtra. So far we have seen the internet tariff list for Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi & Gurgaon. It has named the tariff as Fast (4), Rapid (16) & Velocity (40Mbps) for most of the cities. Let’s see the rental list for Pune

Airtel broadband unlimited plans with 4Mbps

Airtel broadband unlimited plans in Pune

As mentioned in above image, in this category rental starts from Rs 699/- per month with 10GB free usage data & 4Mbps speed. There are two more tariffs Fast 799 & Fast 899 in this category with fair usage policy limit 20 & 30 GB respectively. All three above mentioned rentals are best for the home users.

Unlimited internet tariffs with 16Mbps

NameMonthly Charges in RsFUP Limit in GBBandwidth in Megabits per secondBandwidth after crossing FUP limit in Kbps
Rapid 9999994016512
Rapid 129912995016512
Rapid 169916998016512
Rapid 2099209910016512

In this category, Airtel offers four types of plans named as Rapid 999, Rapid 1299, Rapid 1699 & Rapid 2099. These rentals are for high-speed internet access with reasonable or significant free data usage limits. New subscribers can start with Rapid 999 which is a basic rental in this category. They can use it for few months & after that, they can change or upgrade it as per their requirements.

 Velocity tariffs with 40Mbps speed

In Velocity category only two very high speed plans Velocity 2199 & Velocity 2449 are there with free usage data of 80 & 100 GB respectively. These are best tariffs for those who download many movies or download large software files or play online games or have small offices or runs internet café.

Airtel is the largest broadband service provider in our country. The tariffs mentioned above come under fixed line connections. Fixed lines are not present everywhere. So it is good practice to check the technical feasibility of this connection in your location through their official website.

If someone else is using the same telecom operators connection in your colony, that means your area is technically feasible & you have a good chance to get fixed line internet connection.  Please do remember to recheck the monthly charges at the time of subscribing new connection as they may be revised from time to time. In the case of any doubt, please comment below.

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