Belkin Wi-Fi router setup guide

Belkin router setup is easier than any other company device. The default Belkin router login IP is Before any setting, you must make sure that Wi-Fi router is connected to Laptop or PC and IP address of your PC or Laptop selected as Obtain IP address automatically.

Now open the Chrome browser or any other browser.

Belkin router default IP for login

By default, this IP is set to You can change this IP as per your requirement.

Put in address bar of your browser

Now Press Enter key

A home page of Belkin router will open. In this page, you can see lots of relevant information which we require during configuration. In LAN setting section you can see the IP address of the modem, subnet mask, DHCP server status. And in features section, you can see the default SSID value and default wireless security WPA/WPA2-PSK option.

Belkin router setup guide

On left-hand side of the screen, we can see many links or tabs like LAN settings, DHCP Client list, Internet WAN, etc. We will use some of them for internet settings.

Lets us start the Belkin router settings.

Belkin router setup procedure

Click on the Internet WAN

Belkin router setup guide


It will ask for the password. Leave it as a blank.

Click on Submit button

Belkin modem settings


Now Internet WAN settings options are appearing on the page.

In most of the cases, PPPoE is selected for ADSL Routers.

Click on PPPoE

Belkin adsl modem setup


On this page, you need to fill the username and password for the connection. If you do not know these details, then ask it from your Internet service provider. The service name is optional. Your Internet service provider will provide the VPI/VCI value, in case of BSNL 0 and 35 are used. A user can leave the rest of the fields as it is.

Click on Apply Changes.

Adsl modem settings


ADSL Modem will take few seconds to configure your settings. After successful configuration home page of Belkin router will reopen. You can see the status as connected at right top corner of the screen.

Belkin Wifi Router Setup

Click on wireless on left-hand side options.

You can see four more option in this page.

Belkin wi-fi router setup


Now click on Channel and SSID.

Belkin wi-fi router setup


Here you will see many fields for wireless settings.

Just change the SSID and leave everything as default. The new SSID should not be your name, office name, shop name.

Click on Apply changes.

Now click on Security on left-hand side options.

Belkin wi-fi security setup


Just change the Pre-Shared Key (password) value as it will be your Wi-Fi internet password.

Click on Apply changes.

Your modem settings are completed now. You can check the internet connection on your devices. There is one more setting of MAC filter. It provides the best security to your Wi-Fi connection.

MAC Filter settings (Optional)

MAC Address filter provides the best security feature to Home wireless connections. First, we need to enable MAC Address Filtering. Then we have to add those devices MAC address on which we need the to access wireless internet connection.

Click on MAC Address Filtering on left-hand side options.

Belkin Wi-Fi MAC filtering


Tick marks the Enable MAC Address Filtering.

Now put the MAC address of the devices in given field.

Click on Add button to add the MAC address.

Belkin Wi-Fi MAC filtering


After adding the MAC address, click on the Apply changes.

Now Belkin ADSL router setup is complete. For any query or suggestions, please comment on the blog.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such a detailed info about Belkin router configuration. Please tell the procedure to change the default IP of Belkin router. Is it required to change the default IP of modem as I have read somewhere that it should be changed for security reasons.

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