Do you know the best broadband service provider in India

BSNL the only state-owned telecom giant which provides wired broadband services in each & every part of the country except Delhi & Mumbai. It is the top wire-line Internet service provider in India. There are so many small & big private companies are providing wired broadband service but they are far behind the Government Telecom Company Bharat Sanchar Nigam limit. Here are the some basic reasons that will explain you why BSNL broadband service is best in India.

Universal Tariff Plan

Unlike the other operators, state telecom service providers tariff are almost same for each & every state of the country. The customer has to pay equal amount irrespective of the service location.

Increase in tariff rate is very low

Some years back BSNL had launched BBG UL Home 499 plan for unlimited usage with FUP data limit was 1GB. As on today rate of the plan increased to 545 per month & FUP new FUP limit is 5 GB. So the Telecom Giant increases monthly rental very nominally while fair usage limit has been increased to 5 times. Same is true with each & every tariff plan. Hence customer doesn’t get unexpected tariff rise from the BSNL.

The wide variety of Plans

It has the wide range of internet plans starting from just 249 per month to 17000 per month whose speed can vary from 2 Mbps to 100 Mbps. So customer has a lot of options to choose from. They can also change the tariff anytime according to their needs.

High-Speed Internet

It is the only service provider which can provide you high-speed internet even in the rural parts of the country. It has robust state of art telecom infrastructure to handle the peak data load or internet traffic.

Fastest Broadband Technology

It also started to provide Fiber to the services to home users. In this technology, Optical Fiber cable is extended up to customer home from the telephone exchange. As fiber cable is lossless, hence customer can experience true high-speed internet of up to 100 Mbps.

Transparent Billing/ No hidden charges

BSNL is known for the transparent billing system. Due to the introduction of unlimited plans, the customer doesn’t need to worry about erratic bill amounts. On unlimited subscription he/she has to pay monthly rental plus service taxes and nothing else.

Safe custody Facility

You might have heard about the safe-custody facility in Direct To Home TV cable connection. BSNL also provide the opportunity for its customer to keep their Broadband or Telephone or both in safe custody mode. Broadband safe custody is totally free while you need to pay Rs 50/- per month for Landline safe custody.

Quick service support

BSNL is very prompt to provide service support to its broadband customer. A customer can book complaint through Mobile Phone or online or directly visiting nearest service centers.

Web Selfcare & online bill payment portal

Subscribers can register to selfcare portal to get online service. After successful registration users can check their subscribed plan details, daily data usage, voice call details, copies of previous Telephone bills ect. User can also file online billing and service complaint through same portal. All customers can pay their Broadband Bill online through BSNL Payment portal.

By observing above points we can say that the state telecom service provider doing best to satisfy the broadband customers and due to this it is still largest wired internet service provider in India.

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