How to find the best Internet service provider in my area

Nowadays it is very tough to find best ISP for Internet connection at your location in a first attempt. You should not take Broadband or Internet facility from any ISP blindly by seeing their advertisements on TV, Hoardings or anywhere. So what are the tips to get broadband services from best ISPs? Let’s see

Search the ISPs in your location

                As there are many ISPs in India & the major cities, you can find more than 10. So first you check some of them in your locality by following steps

  • Just check in your colony or area which ISP companies are providing Internet services. For that, you can ask your neighbors or friends or existing subscribers that from which ISP they are taking the internet services. As existing customer or friends or may be using their services for a long time, hence they may provide you valuable information & accurate feedback about them.
  • You can visit the Internet service provider’s official website as many of them have updated service locations details on their official websites.
  • You also contact them through a call center or by contact us page on their websites.

Compare the Broadband plans

                Suppose you have found more than one telecom operator in your locality. Now you have to choose best among them. You should start comparing their broadband plans. Every operator has a list of broadband plans & tariff details on their official sites. Just go to every operator’s site & check the internet plans. Principal components of any plan are:

  1. Monthly Charges
  2. Broadband speed
  3. Fair usage policy limit
  4. Speed after crossing Fair usage policy limit

By above four factors, you can compare plans of different ISPs. We will see one by one each component in detail. Here you have to keep in mind that same telecom operators are providing different internet plans at various locations.  It means that on change of city their tariff or monthly charges may change.

Monthly Charges

                 Monthly charges depend on upon the FUP limit & speed of the broadband plan. Means higher the FUP limit higher the plan rent and same is applicable for the bandwidth. Many ISPs take rent on a monthly basis, and they also have provision for advance annual or quarterly or half yearly payment. As a new user, one should check and observe the services for six months then only go for annual or half yearly payments options.

Internet Speed

                It is a major component of any internet tariff. Broadband plans mainly available with 2Mbps, 4Mbps, 8Mbps, 10Mbps, 16 Mbps, 20 Mbps, 24 Mbps and much more. Home users can start with 4Mbps speed tariff, and after observing 1 or 2 months, you can upgrade it according to requirements.

Best internet service provider at my location

Fair usage policy limit

                It is the data usage limit of any plan on per month basis. After crossing or reaching download on this ceiling, your speed will get reduced to as per subscribed tariff. Say for an example in image take a plan BBG ULD 795. In this tariff FUP limit is 8 GB, after 8 GB usage, your speed will get reduced to 512Kbps which remains until the end of that month. From starting of next month, you will again get 2Mbps speed. As a new customer, you can try from 8GB to 10 GB FUP tariff. Observe it for some time, if your data requirement is more, you can upgrade the subscribed tariff at any time.

Broadband Speed after crossing Fair usage policy limit

                In the above image, all plans have 512Kbps speed after reaching the FUP limit. High tariff subscriptions have high after FUP limit speed.

Some more tips

  • For Copper line or ADSL broadband, if you are within 100 meters from service provider’s exchange, you should try this one. In copper line, losses are increases with distance. Hence customers nearby exchange get excellent service automatically.
  • You can take BSNL Fiber to the home broadband plan without any further research. Here optical fiber is extended up to your home and losses in Optical Fiber are negligible as compared to other technologies. Presently only BSNL is providing FTTH services.
  • For wireless internet connection like 3G, 4G your distance from the mobile tower is very important. If you are very near to tower, then you have good chances that you get excellent speed.

I hope you have enjoyed the topic. For any query, please comment below.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article with us. I think everyone should follow the steps mentioned in the post. You definitely get the best service provider in one try.

  2. Good article. Digital India initiative means all users should have a proper speed connection whether its mobile connection or a broadband connection. Infrastructure wise India is revamping and some new comers; precisely Jio will be a game changer.

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