how to block explicit content on Google search

Google SafeSearch feature is used to block to explicit & adult content from the search results. So it acts like an automated filter during the search. Most of the home users visit any websites through Google only, and same goes for the kids as well.

As per Wikipedia the Company has introduced Safe-search lock on 11 Nov 2009 and later on Dec 2012 it removed the option to turn off the filter entirely.  On Locking it sets safe search to use strict filtering & restricts the ability to change this preference. The company has stated on its official website that “Strict filtering filters both explicit text & explicit images from search results. It allows users to lock the explicit & adult content across most of the Google domains”.

Important point to remember about Google safety filter

  1. If you are using more than one browser, you have to setup it for each one separately.
  2. Once you have turned it on, you can’t turn off it.
  3. It’s totally free for all internet users & results are also good.

How to turn on SafeSearch

Let’s see the step by step procedure to activate the safety filter. Open Chrome or Firefox or any other web browser and then go to Google home page. On the bottom right-hand side of the page, you get the option for settings like shown in the following image. Click on settings, you get lists of options and then click on search settings.

how to block explicit content on Google search on android devices

Now are on a new page like shown in the screenshot.

how to turn on safesearch on google using search settings

Just tick mark on the turn on Safe-search checkbox. To lock the settings click on the Lock Safe-search link. You will be redirected to the sign-in page, just log in to it. After successful login, you will find the following screen

how to turn on Google safesearch

Click on the marked button as shown in the image. It will take some time to implement the settings across all Google domains. After that, you get a confirmation message for the same as shown here.

how to lock safesearch on android smartphone by enabling search filter

How to turn off the SafeSearch

You can see that setting has been saved successfully. Even if you log out from the browser, the lock will still be there. After this, I have tried to search for some specific words on Google and the result is shown in the screenshot here.

How to lock google safe search permanently

The colored balls at the top right-hand side of the screen are the indication that you have successfully blocked the explicit content. But there is a link on top of the window which is showing that “SafeSearch is locked.” I clicked on it and found following screen.

How to lock google safe search permanently

Then I clicked on Unlock the link and was redirected to sign in window page. I have tried to log in one by one with two accounts to check whether I can unlock it or not. Finally, I found that I can’t remove it even with the account through which I have turned it on. All the time I was getting following screen

how to unlock safe search on google chrome

Although it is not 100% accurate, it helps to avoid most of the images and websites containing explicit & adult material.

Block Adult content from search on Android

Nowadays many users use the internet services through their smartphones. We will see here to remove explicit content from the search for Android devices. Chrome web browser widely installed for all Android devices. Open Chrome and go to Google search page. Search any word or phrase and then scroll down the screen up to the bottom like shown here.

how to turn off google safe search on android

You will find here setting option, click on that. And then click on the search settings. You get a new window with the list of choices like shown here.

how to turn off google safe search on android

How to enable child filter lock on android smartphone

Just check mark the radio button of explicit results. And then scroll down the screen up to bottom and then save.

How to turn on Safe search on Android App

In Android Smartphone, you can surf the internet through Google app too. Here is the complete procedure to block adult content from its official app. Open the Google app on your device, click on menu option & then settings like shown here.

How to enable child filter lock on android smartphone to block explicit & adult content

How to turn on & of child safety filter on android smartphone to block explicit content

Now click on Accounts & Privacy, you get the screens like shown below. Enable the SafeSearch filter from here and save the changes.

how to enable safe search on android smartphone

How to enable safesearch filter on android phone

You have seen the settings filter the adult content from your PC, Laptop & Android smartphones. In the case of any doubt, please comment below.


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