BSNL broadband only plans without voice facility

BSNL recently introduced Broadband only plans without voice or landline facility on a promotional basis where Landline is not feasible. The largest wired internet service provider has taken this step very late when other local service providers are already providing broadband only plans for a long time. Although it is providing Broadband only plans under FTTH service category.

BSNL Internet-only plans

It has allowed only four tariffs for internet only services which are available in all states. These rentals will be applicable from 01.08.2016. The minimum rental would be Rs 799/- per month & maximum rent per 1449/- per month. In following table details of internet only plans are shown

Tariff NameMonthly charges in RsFUP data limitSpeed in MbpsSpeed after crossing FUP limit in Kbps
BBO ULD 799799102512
BBO ULD 949949202512
BBO ULD 11991199304512
BBO ULD 14491449408512

There are only four tariffs & all are unlimited with minimum fair usage policy limit of 10GB. BBG 1449 ULD has 8 Mbps speed with 40 GB FUP data limit. All these tariffs are suitable for home users who are having moderate data usage per months.

As Landline facility is not mandatory, hence telephone handset will not be provided by Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited. Also, there will not be any charges towards Landline installation & security deposits.

Broadband only plans review

Customers were expecting internet-only tariff from BSNL for all existing & new subscribers, but both may not get the benefit of the same as these tariffs are applicable where Landline voice facility is not available. It means that those who don’t want to use landline service or don’t want to pay extra for Landline, they may not get the benefit of it.


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