BSNL Landline & Broadband safe custody plan

BSNL Safe custody plans

I have got a message from one of BSNL subscriber regarding temporary closure the telephone for a particular period of time. I have enquired the same from nearest customer service center of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited. They informed me an unknown plan which is vital for all  BSNL Landline & Broadband subscribers. Suppose you are going outside with a whole family from your home for one month or more. There is no one to use the landline phone and broadband. Then you can opt for safe custody plan. It is a very less known tariff of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited.

BSNL Broadband telephone safe custody tariffs

Landline safe custody plan charges

A subscriber needs to fill a tariff change application for subscribing the facility, and he should submit it to BSNL office. Telephone Safe Custody charges are 50/- per month for urban area and Rs 30/- per month for rural locations. During safe custody, your landline phone will be disabled, but telephone line will be there. It means your port or circuit will remain reserve only for your connection and BSNL same can’t spare it for another customer. Same is applicable for your telephone number also. You can restore your phone anytime by submitting written application or filing form to BSNL.

Internet safe custody tariff

There are some nominal charges for primary telephone custody whereas Broadband Safe Custody is free of cost. Procedure for applying this facility is same as stated in above para. Internet safe custody is more important than landline due to limited internet ports available at telephone exchange side. So next time doesn’t forget to take advantage of these tariffs.


    1. There is no particular form to restore the phone from safe custody. Just write a letter on plain paper & submit to the concerned officer at BSNL Office. Do remember to take a receipt copy of the application which you may require in future.

  1. I availed this facility on 10.09.12 and they charged Rs.360/- for 6 months to be under safe-custody from
    12.09.12(Rs.60/- per month).But,the charge for safe-custody to be paid is Rs.50/- only,according to BSNL`s
    (Chennai Telephones) notification.How the Customer service centre @KK Nagar(west zone),Chennai,collect-
    -ed Rs.60/-?The charge of Rs.50/- has been the same from .05.05.2009.i do not think there was a hike in
    the charge.,after 05.05.2009.Something has gone wrong with the officials of KK Nagar office.can I claim for
    the refund of excess amount collected by them? Can anybody guide me in this regard?

    1. Please ask about original bill copy during safe custody period from the BSNL authorities. The Bill copy or payment slip would have all the required details.

    1. You have to visit the BSNL office for the same. There is no online facility for the safe custody. You just write it down on plain paper, xerox it and take the stam of concerned officer on it. Keep the reciept copy in safe place for future use.

  2. For safe custody can I send money thru net banking or paytm
    One more thing that can I send message thru mail
    If it is pls give mail id

  3. I remain out from 27/07/2017 to 15/09/2017 . Please what is the rent of safe custody for broadband network and what should be done.

    1. Broadband safe custody is free of cost. Just visit the nearest BSNL customer service center and give a handwritten application or fill the BB plan change form. Submit it to office & take a receipt copy for any issue if arises in future.

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