How to top up BSNL Broadband after crossing FUP limit

The largest wired broadband service provider BSNL allows top up for its users to retain existing internet speed even after crossing FUP data limit. If you are an internet subscriber, you can top up your broadband any time like mobile phones. It will restore your speed in few minutes.

TOP UP tariffs

The tariffs are very economical as compared to general tariffs. Like shown in below table per GB extra data will cost you from Rs 25 to Rs 50/-.

Charges in RsExtra data you get in GBPer GB cost in Rs

When to Top up BSNL broadband

Many customers cross FUP limit every month, such customer should upgrade their current internet tariff as per their data usage per month. The internet subscribers who are crossing the threshold limit only a few months in a year, for such type of customers it is the best solution to restore your subscribed speed.

How to TOP UP internet speed

Whenever you crossed the FUP limit, you are redirected to a BSNL default page like shown in below image. You can see two options there upgrade & decline.

bsnl broadband top up procedure

In order to upgrade the speed, you have to click on upgrade button. After that, you get an extra data offered tariff page like below.

bsnl broadband top up for postpaid plans

On this page just click on upgrade button, you will be on new page like shown here

how to top up bsnl internet speed anytime from home
Now you need to select a suitable plan from the available options in the drop-down menu, according to your data usage requirement. After that, you have to click on TOPUP button. Now you will be directed to acknowledgment page.

how to top up bsnl internet speed after fup

You have successfully upgraded the speed, now as per instruction restart your modem after that you get the subscribed speed. You don’t have to pay online, the amount will automatically be added to your next telephone bill.

In some cases, you click on decline button & then you realized that you need to TOP UP your internet. For such situation, you can directly go to top up links using this link.

BSNL Broadband Top Up error

You may get security warning while activating the extra data package. In that case, open the page in Mozilla browser and start the procedure again. If you get security message then click on advanced settings and then add an exception. By doing this you won’t get an error message again.


  1. I have a doubt on that! If I Topup Rs100!
    1)That was only for the speed increase purpose? and
    2)what about the bill payment amount? I mean if i selected Rs.845 combo plan. then i need to pay (100+ 845) Rs.945?

    1. 1. BSNL top up plans are for speed restoration purpose. It means your subscribed speed will be restored.
      2. Payment of top up amount will be adjusted in next bill like you have already mentioned. Top up amount will be added in your next bill.

  2. How do i deactivate this topup?i accidently did a top up and i dont want extra charges on my bill…please tell me how to stop that topup….

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