BSNL unlimited Broadband tariff plans for home & offices

BSNL unlimited internet plans are common for both home & office users. As it is the largest wired broadband service provider in India, so it has the widest range of unlimited broadband tariffs, and all are available in all states except few changes. BSNL internet tariffs are two types

  1. BSNL Broadband postpaid
  2. Broadband prepaid

Here we will concentrate only on postpaid types. There are two categories of postpaid plans

  1. Broadband unlimited plans

    There is no limit on download & upload data. But after crossing Fair usage policy limit, speed may be reduced. Hence no extra charges are to be paid except monthly rental.

  1. Limited usage tariff

    There is a limit on download & upload data. After crossing the data download limit, you have to pay the extra amount as per term & conditions.

All users most prefer BSNL unlimited broadband plans. You don’t need to worry about additional charges for excess data usage. Now let’s see the major unlimited internet tariffs, which you may try for your home or office.

Unlimited internet tariffs

These are also of two types according to the download speed.

Internet Plans with bandwidth Up to 4 Mbps

In this category, there are total nine tariffs. Out of 9, 7 are the combo and two are non-combo. Combo means you don’t have to pay the charges for you Landline connection whereas, in non-combo, you have to pay charges for landline also. But monthly tariff is slightly higher for combo plans. Let’s see some of the important unlimited tariffs

Tariff NameBBG UL 545BBG ULD 795BBG Combo UL 675BBG Combo UL 599
RemarkIf you are near to BSNL exchange then you can subscribe these plans. As speed of copper wire internet decreases with the increase in copper wire length.
Speed/Bandwidth in Mbps2442
FUP (Fair Usage policy) Limit15 GB20 GB10 GBFlat Speed
Speed/ Bandwidth after crossing FUP limit in Mbps1222
Monthly Charges (Rs)545795675599
AdvantagesLow cost, Moderate FUP LimitLow cost, Good FUP limit-Low cost, Flat Speed
DisadvantageLow FUP limit, You have to pay extra charges for LandlineYou have to pay extra charges for LandlineLow FUP limit, Costly-

BBG UL 545 & BBG ULD 795 are good are to try, but you need to pay the extra amount for Landline connection. Whereas in BBG Combo UL 599 & BBG Combo ULD 675, you get a free landline connection and unlimited night calling (9 PM to 7 AM) to any network (Mobile or Landline) in India.

BSNL Broadband plans of 4Mbps to 24 Mbps

In this category, all are high-speed plans, and minimum rent starts from 999 per month. Minimum offered speed is up to 4Mbps till fair usage policy limit. There are total 15 tariffs in this category. Out of 15, 11 are the combo and four non-combos.

High-speed internet plans (Non-combo)

As you are already aware that for non-combo plans, you have to pay extra charges for Landline facility hence the total bill amount for these rentals may be higher as compared to combo tariffs. You can try BBG ULD 1275 for your home or office. This plans is having low monthly rental & high Fair usage policy limit.

Tariff NameBBG ULD 1275
RemarkAll tariffs are good & have an attractive FUP limit
Bandwidth up to4 Mbps
Fair Usage policy Limit60 GB
Speed after crossing FUP limit in Mbps2
Monthly Charges (Rs)1275
AdvantagesHigh Bandwidth, Better FUP limit
DisadvantageYou have to pay extra charges for Landline connection

Broadband Combo Plans

In this combo category, BBG ULD 1495 & BBG ULD 2295 are good to subscribe. BBG Combo ULD 2841 is also a good one because after crossing FUP limit you still get 2 Mbps speed.

Tariff NameBBG combo ULD 999BBG combo ULD 1495BBG Speed combo ULD 2295BBG Speed combo ULD 2841BBG Speed combo ULD 2845
RemarkAll tariffs are good & have an attractive FUP limit. There is no need to pay extra charges for Landline connection. Unlimited free calls between 9PM to 7 AM from Landline to Mobile, Landline of any network in India.
Bandwidth up to in Mbps448816
FUP Limit in GB3070100175100
Bandwidth after crossing FUP limit in Mbps22222
Monthly Charges (Rs)9991495229528412845
AdvantagesHigh BandwidthHigh Bandwidth with good fair usage policy limitVery high Bandwidth, Attractive fair usage policy LimitHigh speed even after crossing fair usage policy limitHigh Speed with best fair usage policy limit

I have covered all important unlimited internet plans with all necessary details to an internet user. You can try any one of the mentioned plans. All tables are self-explanatory.

Broadband new connection Charges

BSNL internet connection requires a Landline phone in your home or office. On existing telephone line you need to pay following charges at the time of registration

  • One month costs of subscribed plan plus
  • Rs 250/- for Modem installation charges

Suppose you have taken BBG UL 545 tariff. Then you have to pay Rs 795/- at the time of booking new connection. If you take BSNL modem on rent, then you have to pay Rs 500/- extra against modem security deposit.

If you don’t have a Landline connection, then you need to pay additional charges for registration of new Landline connection. You need to pay Rs 500/- against security deposit (Refundable) of New Landline connection. Additional Rs 600/-  will also be charged for the installation costs which you have to pay with the first telephone bill.

High-Speed Broadband Areas

Customers face the internet speed problems. So it is better to know the tips to find out high-speed internet areas. As BSNL internet works on ADSL Internet technology through copper wire. The Miniratna Government company extends Copper wire from the telephone exchange to customer premises. The speed of the connection gradually decreases with the increase of copper wire line distance from the exchange. Hence the customers are nearer to exchange would get higher speed.

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Note: All facts and data have been taken from service providers official websites.

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