BSNL Selfcare portal registration procedure to check Internet data usage

BSNL selfcare portal is mostly used for unbilled internet data usage check online. By using this portal you can also check your previous bills, register online complaints, view or redeem your loyalty points. Here I will explain you step by step procedure to register on the portal.

For four zones there are four web portals. The registration process is same for all. I will show you the process for west zone portal whose website is other zones web links are as follows

South zone

North Zone

East zone

Selfcare portal customer registration

To signup in this portal, you require Customer ID which you can find in your bill like shown in below image.

bsnl broadband usage check using selfcare portal

Go to the website related to your zone; you will locate the page like below image

bsnl broadband usage check using selfcare portal

Click on the link user registration (for existing customer).

A pop-up window will open which will ask your customer ID. Put customer ID and then click on continue button.

Now you can see some more options in form like below image.

bsnl broadband usage check using selfcare portal

Select a hint question and put the answer in the Answer field. It will be useful in the case when you lost your password.

Fill the entry in the username field.

And last, enter your email id in which you will get the registration details.

Tick mark on the I agree to the checkbox, then click on submit button.

After submitting you will get a message that your registration request has been successfully submitted to BSNL & further instructions and login credentials will be sent to you through registered email.

bsnl broadband usage check online with selfcare portal

Within 24 hours you will get a message from self care portal which will have your username & password details like depicted in the image shown below.

bsnl broadband usage check online with selfcare portal

Now using the username & password you should login into self care account.

bsnl broadband usage check online with selfcare portal

As this password is system generated and will expire in the first login attempt. So you get a window to change it.

how to check bsnl broadband usage online

User Id => Your Username received in your email from portal

Old password => System generated password received on email.

New password => Here you should choose your new password for portal login

Confirm password => Retype your new password.

Click on Change button

Check BSNL Internet data usage

Now your registration is complete & you can see the homepage of self care portal. In this page on the left-hand side, you can see a list of options like Home, New connections, service provisions, Complaints, My services and my profile. We will concentrate only on My Services & Complaints options.

Click on “+” sign of My services. You get list of options

  1. View BILLS: You can see your latest & previous statements of not more than six months old. You can download them as PDF file and can save into your PC or Laptop for future record.

how to check bsnl broadband usage online

  1. Make a Payment: This link will redirect you to the payment portal.
  2. View Past payment: Through this option, you can view your past six payment details.
  3. View Broadband Usage: Click on this link to get unbilled usage or current month usage details. You will be asked to select your date, month & year details to get session wise use details. You can export the results in CSV file which you can view quickly in Excel format.

view bsnl broadband data usage with selfcare portal

Online complaint registration

Many subscribers ask how to file service complaints online. This self care portal allows you to file Landline or Broadband complaint online. Just click on “+” sign of Complaints section. You can book service related complaint, billing complaint & also track the status of previous complaints.

To book new service complaints just click on the Create Service Complaint & after that, you can see the page shown in the image below.

view bsnl broadband data usage online

Now from the drop-down menu, you can select the nature of the complaint like Landline or Broadband. After that click on submit button to book complaint. On the filing of the new complaint, you will get a system generated Complaint number which can be used as a reference or to track the status.

view bsnl broadband data usage online

All things related to BSNL self care portal have been explained here in details. In the case of any doubt, please comment on the article.

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  1. Its good in depth article on bsnl selfcare portal. I have recently registered on the portal. Now i am able to see daily broadband usage, Landline calls detail. I can also book online broadband & landline complaint using this portal.

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