BSNL Teracom Wi-Fi modem TDSL300W2 setup guide

I have already explained the old Teracom BSNL modem configuration, Iball & Belkin router settings. Now we will see the new Wireless router TDSL300W2 configuration procedure.

BSNL modem configuration

Before starting the process, you need to connect DSL cable (2 wire copper wire) to the DSL port and Ethernet cable from PC or Laptop to one of the ports of Router. Also, make sure that in Network setting TCP/IP properties IP address is selected as Obtained IP address automatically.

The default IP address of Teracom wireless router is, Open any Google Chrome Or Firefox browser and type default IP in the address bar and hit the enter button.

bsnl modem configuration procedure

It will ask for Username & password as shown in above image.

Username => admin

Password => admin

Click on Login

Now home page of the device will open. Click on Interface setup, then on the internet.

bsnl modem configuration procedure

In this page first, you need to change the status by clicking on the activated radio button. Then fill the details Service name, Username & password as given by service providers i.e. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited. Connection option should be selected as always on. We should leave the remaining fields on default values. VCI should be zero & VPI should be 35.

step by step bsnl modem settings

Click on save button which is present at the bottom of the page.

BSNL modem Wi-Fi settings

Now on the same page click on wireless. You will see the wireless settings page as shown below.

how to change bsnl wifi password

In this page first, click on access point activated button. Now fill or select the following fields one by one

  1. SSID: It is nothing but your Wi-Fi network name to access the internet. By default it is set to BSNL_AP, you must change it to some unknown name.
  2. Authentication type: In this drop-down, you should select WPA2-PSK.
  3. Pre-shared key: It is nothing but your Wi-Fi password to access the internet. You should choose some strong password containing some special characters & numbers along with alphabets. You can change this password or pre-shared key whenever you want.
  4. MAC Address filter:  It should be selected as deactivated.

how to change bsnl wifi password

Now save the settings and check the wireless signal on your Smartphone or PC. Then connect the network by using SSID by entering the password or pre-shared key. Now configuration is complete, and you can access the internet using it.

MAC Filter settings (Optional)

It is best security features for a wireless router to access the internet. In MAC filter settings first it is activated, and then one by one you can add all devices MAC addresses into the modem. Then save the configuration. We can add Maximum 8 devices MAC address. The devices whose address is not stored, they can not get access to wireless internet.

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