How do I change default Google search settings

As per, Google search engine launched in the year of 1997. It is the most widely used search engine around the world. It is very fast and provides most accurate results to the internet users as compared to others. It became the essential part of life for most web users. Most of the users use it’s default settings. They have never thought that users can change Google settings. A user can customize it as per his or her requirement.

In this post, we will see some basic setting of the Google search. To change the settings, you need to open Google page and bottom right corner of the screen, you will find the settings. Click on it; you get the list of options.  For setting purpose only top two are used. Let’s see both one by one

How to change Google search setting | open google results in new tab

Click on search settings. You get the window like shown here.

change Google search location or country setting on PC or Laptop

In this section, there are four types of settings which can be configured by an internet user

SafeSearch Filters

It is used to block the adult & explicit content from the results. You have to tick mark the checkbox to enable the filter. If your children also use the internet, you must lock this to block unwanted content from results. Here is a complete article to block the explicit content from the Google results. You must remember that once it is turn on, it can’t be turn off.

Google Instant predictions

A Google Instant prediction is by default set to “Never show instant results.” However, if your internet speed is good enough, then you can select 1st option for search results. It will predict the results during text typing and display them instantly to users.

Results per page

The default value for results per page is 10. You can change the number of results per page by scrolling the square box on the horizontal line. A user can set maximum 100 search results on the same page. You can set it up as per your need. I have fixed it on 20 results per page.

Search result on new window

Whenever I hunt for something on Google, I try to verify the same thing by visiting 2 or more sites. But when I click on a search result, it will open in the same window. So if I have to hunt the same thing to find another site, I need to find it again on Google. The best solution to avoid this problem by tick marking the check box on open each selected result in a new window. Now all your selected result will open in a new tab of the window.

After making the changes as per your need, you can save the settings by clicking on Save button at the bottom of the page.

Advanced search

It allows a user to specify the search criteria before the search operation. You can set following terms

How to use google advanced search settings

  1. Words or exact words: Here you can enter the search term or exact phrase or even exclude the particular word from the results.
  2. You can remove some specific words from the results.
  3. The language of results: You can customize the language of the result.
  4. Region: You can select the particular country. That means the website or article published for that area will appear in the result.
  5. Last Update: Some of the cases, we get outdated information of website results. So selecting a time frame is a better idea.
  6. Website address: It allows you to find the results from a site or particular type of domains like .com, .in, .edu, etc.
  7. File Type like pdf, doc, xls, etc
  8. Usage rights: It allows the Internet user to choose from various license types according to his/her requirements.

In some of the cases, like technology related topics in which information gets outdated or changed very frequently with time,  the users may get old information at the top of the results. You can avoid it by using search tools as shown in the following screenshot.

How to use Google search tools during search

Click on search tool then you get three options there. For latest and updated information select past one year or custom time range. Here you can choose the option for country which will display the results containing only websites or articles published in that particular country.

Google Search setting for Android smartphone

We have seen the Google result settings for the PC or Computer. Let’s take a look at Android phones. Most of the Internet users use the Chrome browser to access the Internet. Open Google page on the window and search for any term. At the bottom of the page, you will find the setting link. Click on that; you get three options as shown in the following screenshot. Click on the first one that is search settings

change Google search settings on android phone

You get a separate page as shown here to customize the settings

how to change Google search settings on android phone

how to change Google search settings on android smartphones

  1. Save history: You shouldn’t confuse it with browser history. It is the search history which Google account stores in database or server. The company uses it to provide you better & customize results for you based on history. You can delete it whole or partially.
  2. Block adult or explicit results: We have seen the blocking adult content on PC or Laptop. In Smartphone also, you can enable the filter, but there is no facility to lock it.
  3. Optimize pages for faster loading: Sometimes we feel internet speed problem when we use our phone internet through the wireless 2g/3G network. In this case, you should select the 2nd option that is “When connection is slow.” Whenever there is a slow internet connection, Google displays light pages to mobile users.
  4. Handwrite: You can enable handwriting mode by turn on the option. It allows you to write search term by your finger tip.
  5. Location history: If you enable location history, Google Account will keep the record your position. It helps the user to find most relevant results on search. Like if you are searching for a restaurant then the results will contain mostly nearby restaurant lists.

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