BSNL Wi-Fi password change procedure

Here we will see the step by step procedure to change BSNL Wi-Fi password and also use the modem IP address to log in it. As most of the wired Broadband subscribers are still using BSNL Wireless teracom modem for internet access, so they need to change the password time to time for security reasons.

BSNL Modem IP Address

By default, router IP address is It is used to access the router. Before starting BSNL Wi-Fi modem configuration, we need to log in the router.

Open the internet explorer or any other browser.

Type in address bar

Click on Enter button

how to change bsnl wifi password


Now put username => admin

Password => admin

Click on login button

BSNL Wi-Fi modem settings

Now home page screen will open. You can see many options on the left-hand side of the screen.

On left-hand side click on Configuration

Then click on Wireless

Now on top of the page, you can see four tabs Basic setting, Advance settings, MAC address filter & Radius server.

Click on Basic Settings

how to change wifi password bsnl


Under Global settings, you need change only two things as shown in above image.

  1. Wireless network: It should be enabled status, click on Enable radio button.
  2. Network Name (SSID): Change the default Network Name (SSID).

BSNL Wi-Fi Password change

BSNL Wi-FI password change procedure


In the same page under security settings you need to change just two options as shown in above image.

  1. Select Security Option: Here you can see many options but choose only Wi-Fi Protected Access2, as it is most secured one.
  2. WPA Pass Phrase: Here you can fill your desired Wireless password which you can change later. It should be minimum eight characters long. For better security, please include special characters and numbers in your password.

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bsnl wifi modem


Now click on confirm button. Your wireless router configuration is complete.

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For any query or doubt, please comment below.


  1. Hi,
    I, Syed Sharaf tried to change my broadband password many times but failed as it show “your connection to this network is not private”. Then what will i have to do to do so.
    Plz help me.

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