How to install & setup Google Allo smart messaging app

Today I got a message from my friend about Google Allo Chat & Smart answer app. He was jubilant after trying it and asked me to join him on this newly launched app.  Currently, this is available only for Android & iOS. Many people are eagerly waiting for its inception & they have the huge expectation with it. It is coming with lots of new features like smart messaging, search feature during the chat, Google assistant, stickers, emoji, incognito chat option, etc. We will see each of them one by one here.

How to install & set up Google Allo app

In  Play store search for “Google  Allo” through app search bar. I found the required one with a mustard color icon. Don’t get confused with Allo Group voice chat app. Minimum version requirement is Android 4.1+ (Jelly Ben API 16). It just takes few seconds to install it.

google allo chat app with search assitant

After successful installation, it will ask for your mobile number which will be verified immediately. After that, you get a screen to set profile image (Optional) & to set your name.

How to set up google all app in android

 Google allo smart chat feature allow you to select automated suggestions

4 How to install & setup the google allo smart messaging app in android

After initial installation & setup, you get the following image on your screen.

How to set up google all app in android

It is showing the options for one to one chat, group chat & Google assistant. You can also change the setting according to your need. All the settings are super easy & self-explanatory.

Google allo app general settings

Now lets us come to the main point that is, what is new in this app. How it is different from other apps.

Google search integration with Allo Chat

I found this feature most amazing and helpful for users. Users don’t have to switch over during the chat to search on Google. But here you get only one result for some cases instead of a list of options. The Important point is that you can switch over to full search results; you get the various choices to find more about the search.

Allo smart messaging

It suggests possible reply & suggestions, emoji according to your chat. It will save your typing time & you can instantly respond to the conversation.

Google Assistant

It is also the most interesting feature that the new app has. According to your installed app, it gives you suggestions based on applications you use. It also provides the location, news, traffic, flight, etc.

Emoji & Stickers

It has plenty of emoji & stickers which are now common in group & personal chat. There are options available to download the more stickers.

Allo Incognito mode

Here Incognito mode means encrypted conversation with someone. There is no end to end encryption for General chat & conversation. The user needs to go incognito mode for encrypted conversation. But they can’t utilize Google assistant in this mode. Users can also set a time frame to delete the chat history in incognito mode.

Difference between whatsApp & Google Allo

Both the apps have many similarities like chat, group chat, media file sharing, etc. The main differences are

  • The main & biggest difference is that Allo allows a user to search during the conversation without switching between screens, this feature is not available in whatsApp.
  • The second most important thing that Allo allows its user to find Google Assistant which can provide you instant info like location or place, direction, flight schedule, nearby restaurants, video suggestions, etc. from the app itself.
  • Smart messaging is also available in newly launched app whereas it’s not there in whatsApp.
  • In whatsApp, all personal chat & Group Chats are encrypted end to end, whereas there is no encryption on a general conversation in the new application. One need to go to incognito mode for encrypted chat. The user can also set time limit to erase the chat history.
  • Allo allows you to change the size of fonts or text.
  • Allo lets users share maximum 20 media files in one go whereas in whatsApp the limit is ten only.

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It’s all about the newly launched app, in a case of any doubt, please comment below.


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