Wi-Fi security settings for broadband users

Everyone wants secure Wireless internet connection at their home as Wi-Fi security is essential for all internet users. Let’s see how to increase wireless security at home or office. First, you need to log in your router and follow the suggestions mentioned in this blog. 

          First, we will start with some mandatory setup which is essential for security afterwards; we will see some optional features too.

Modem SSID

          The first step for making a secure Wi-Fi connection, you should change the default SSID. SSID is the name of the network through Wi-Fi internet is accessed. By default, it is set to manufacturer company name or brand name or any other name. You need to change it in wireless settings of your router. It should not be your name, your shop name, house name or any other known name of your family members. So SSID should be changed like no one recognizes it that it belongs to you.

Authentication type

          Authentication type field displays many standards WEP, WPA & WPA2. WEP is the oldest & weakest standard. WPA2 is the strongest. So you must select WPA2 in authentication type while doing Wi-Fi security settings.

Secure Wi-Fi Password

          In router setting, you were asked to fill the pre-shared key field. It’s nothing but your internet password. Your password must be at least eight characters long and should contain some special characters and numbers also.

MAC filtering

          It is the most important part of Wi-Fi security. MAC filtering allows only those devices to access wireless internet who have their MAC address registered in the router.
To enable this setting, you go to wireless setting of modem then select MAC filter settings. First, you need to enable MAC address filter then register all devices in whitelist one by one in Router.
Now I am adding some snapshots of IBall router settings.

By setting above said features Wireless security will improve a lot.

Let’s see the snapshot of iBall Baton 150M wireless router settings.


How to make a secure Wi-Fi connection

Wireless security tips & tricks


There are some more settings; these are not of essential but certainly enhance Wi-Fi security of your home network.

Default IP address of Router

          There is default IP address of modem which is used to access & configure the router. By changing this IP address, you can save your network accessing from outsiders.

Password of Router

You can also replace the default password of the modem through admin settings.

Range of Modem

          You can change the range of modem in wireless settings. Keep it at the level from where no one can access or find the signal of it from outside of your home or office.

Switch off the modem when you are not using wireless internet.

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