iBall Baton 150m router configuration

Iball baton router IP address for login is IBall Baton 150M modem configuration is very easy & simple. You just need to follow the procedure dictated here. Before any setting, you must make sure that iBall Wi-Fi Modem is connected to Laptop or PC and IP address of your PC or Laptop selected as Obtain IP address automatically.

iBall Baton router setup procedure

Now start Internet Explorer, Firefox or any other browser.

Put iBall Router IP address i.e. for login in address bar

Press enter key

iBall ADSL modem configuration


ADSL modem will ask you for Username and password for authentication

User name = admin

Password = admin

Now Click on Log In to continue

The main page will open which will show the status of your iBall Router.

iBall ADSL modem configuration


On the top of the screen you can see options like Quik start, Network setup, advanced setup, Access Management, status, and help.

Click on quick start to initiate the setting. You will see the following page

ADSL modem setup


Now you can read the matter written this page. It clearly indicates that Quick start wizard will guide you to configure the ADSL router.

Now click on button Run wizard

A new pop-up window will open. Just read the steps shown here.

iBall baton router setup


Click on NEXT

iBall baton router setup


Now select your Time Zone


Click on NEXT

DSL router setup guide


Here you should select third option PPPoE/PPPoA.

Click on NEXT; You will see options as depicted in the following image


DSL router setup guide

Here you need to provide username and password of your DSL Broadband connection. If you do not know the username and password of your connection in that case you should contact your internet service provider (ISP).

Put your username and Password.

Your ISP will provide the value of VCI and VPI, in the case of BSNL, these are 0 & 35.

Generally VPI = 0

VCI = 35 are used.

You should keep the Connection type field as it is.

Click on NEXT

iBall Wi-Fi Modem Configuration

From this pop up wireless network settings will start.

router setup procedure


By default, the access point is in on activated state. If you deactivate it, you will not get Wi-Fi signal from the modem.

By default SSID is iBall-Baton, you should change it to any name like myhome, myshop or anything else. But do not choose your name, house name, shop name or modem manufacturer name. It may lead to serious Wi-Fi security issues.

You should choose YES on Broadcast SSID field.

Authentication type option is by default disabled. It means there is no need for a password to access Wi-Fi internet.

iBall router setup procedure


In Authentication type field, from the drop-down menu select WPA2-PSK.

After selecting WPA2-PSK, two more options will appear.


A user should leave the Encryption type field on the default value.


Pre-shared key field, which is a password field. Select your password of minimum eight characters long. You should include special characters and numbers in your password. Do not use your mobile number or name as a password.

Click on NEXT

Now next pop-up will indicate you that set wizard has completed.



Click on NEXT to save the settings.

After saving the settings following page will be displayed in the browser.

iBall modem setup guide


Now iBall Router setup is completed, you can check the internet by opening any website.

You can see other router setup guide also:

For any query or suggestions, please comment below.


    1. First check the default username & password which may be on bottom side of the modem. If password is admin & still not able to login.Then you should factory reset the modem by a pin. There is a thin hole on which RESET is written. Using a pin press at least one minute to factory reset your modem.

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