Mobile number portability guide

MNP is an acronym of Mobile Number Portability. MNP allows users to change their telecom service providers or service location without changing the mobile no. If you are not satisfied with services of existing service providers or services are costly or any other reason, you can replace the telecom service provider while retaining the same telephone no.

MNP Benefits

  1. No need to inform about cell phone no. change.
  2. No needs to get updated your telephone no. in the phone book.
  3. It lowers the cost of switching operator or service provider.

MNP Types

                 Location Based: A mobile subscriber can use the same number when shifting from one geographical area to another. This type of portability is called location-based mobile no. portability.

              Operator Based: A wireless subscriber can change the service provider without changing his/her cell phone no. This type of portability is called operator based portability. As per TRAI Guidelines, Operator based portability has started in India. It means you can change operator in the same location or state.

                  Service Based: A wireless subscriber can use the same cell no. across all different technology like GSM/2G, CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) and WLL (Wireless in Local Loop).

Donor Operator

 It is the existing service provider from which subscriber is getting services.

Recipient Operator

 It is the service provider from where the customer wants to take services or port-in his/her phone no.

Mobile Number Portability Clearing House Administrator (MCHA)

It is the main controlling authority which is responsible for porting process between Donor and Recipient operator.

What is the procedure for Mobile number portability


Criteria for Mobile Number Portability

  1. The request has to be made only after 90 days from the date of activation of his/her SIM activation. If the number was ported out earlier, then the request has to be made only after 90 days from the date of the last port-in.
  2. There should not be any outstanding payments/bills due to the Donor Operator.
  3. There is no pending request for change of ownership of the cell phone no.
  4. The mobile no. should not be a sub judice.
  5. Court of Law has not prohibited porting of the concerned number.

MNP Procedure

  1. The subscriber who wishes to port his mobile no. should approach the Recipient Operator. The customer may be required to pay porting charges if any.
  1. The subscriber needs a UPC to complete a Port-in procedure. To get UPC he/she need to send SMS PORT Customer’s Mobile Number on 1900. For example, His number is 989XXXXXXX; he needs to send SMS PORT 989XXXXXXX on 1900. He will get SMS containing a UPC (Unique Porting Code). He has to provide this UPC to recipient operator along with CAF (Customer Application Form) for their official use.
  1. The subscriber may withdraw his porting request within 24 hours of its submission to recipient operator.
  1. As per TRAI regulation dated 23 Sep 2009, maximum four days are required for the completion of the porting process.

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