What is FUP (Fair usage policy) limit?

What is Fair usage policy in Internet

Fair usage policy is implemented with a view that some subscribers may use an excessive amount of Network Bandwidth. It may reduce the available bandwidth for the other customers. Broadband FUP limit may control such subscribers. Hence ISPs are providing equal opportunity for customers to access the internet. Different ISPs have different tariff plans as per requirement of different Subscribers.  Hence the customers of low download usage per month do not pay more.

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BSNL Wi-Fi Hotspot Plans & Service Locations

BSNL Wi-Fi Hotspot Plans

BSNL Wi-Fi Hotspot

            Wi-Fi Hotspot is a place where one can get internet access using Wi-Fi technology. Wi-Fi is a wireless technology which works on 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequency bands. Telecom service providers are providing broadband services using Wi-Fi hotspot, mainly at public places like Airport, Hospital, Court, Markets, Shopping Malls, parks, Railway stations, Bus stand etc.

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