Railwire broadband unlimited tariff plans in Maharashtra

Railwire is the newest internet service provider in India which provides affordable unlimited broadband plans across the nation. It has very competitive rates for home and small & medium enterprises. In this post, we will see the plans for Maharashtra state.

Railwire has divided its broadband access into following two categories

  1. Home Access
  2. SME Access

Let’s see all tariffs one by one according to their categories

Home Access

It is further divided into two types

Broadband unlimited Home tariff

Railwire broadband unlimited plans in Maharashtra

In this category, 4 unlimited tariffs are there. Minimum rent per month is Rs 499/- with 512Kbps speed. On Rs 899/- per month subscribers can get 1 Mbps speed. Here main advantages in that there is no limit on data usage. It means that you get the same speed as mentioned in tariff irrespective of the data usage limit. But if you compare these Rail wire tariff with the available tariff in the market then all these above mentioned 4 rentals looks costly.

Railwire Broadband Fair usage policy plans

Bandwidth in MbpsMonthly RentalFUP data limit in GBBandwidth after FUP limit in Kbps

The internet plans mentioned in above table doesn’t have any usage limit but they have a free usage data limit. Internet speed of a user will be reduced to 512 Kbps after crossing the FUP limit mentioned in rentals. These rentals are better than unlimited home rentals which were shown in the image. All tariffs are comparable to internet options available in the market. A new subscriber should start with Rs 899/- monthly rental because this plan has a better speed than others & also has a good free usage data limit. The Rs 1099/- rental is available in selected locations or cities.

SME Access

Railwire broadband SME access plans in Maharashtra

Their tariffs are for small & medium size enterprises. They have fixed speed irrespective of the usage. These are not for the home users.

Apart from monthly charges you have to pay one-time security deposit & installation charges which depend on the type of network technology is used like FTTH, Metro Ethernet, Wireless & Ethernet over coaxial.

Security deposits for Railwire broadband unlimited plans in Maharashtra

Installation charges for FTTH & Wireless CPE are Rs 4000/- which is very high amount & it’s not refunded on termination of services. Security deposits are refunded at the time of the closure of a connection.

Conclusion:  A new home subscriber should go for FUP plans as they are better and as per market rate. The best tariff from FUP category is Rs 899/- per month with 4Mbps speed & 30GB data limit. In the case of any doubt please comment below.

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  1. Respected Sir, I am one of the costmer of railwire ,I found that the service is not regular in a month, it is found that their is cut of at least 10 days per month , therefore i have taken decision of ending service ,and why not? Now i have joined jio which is very cheap giving us 2..5 mbps to 4. . 5 mbps speed depending on the location. thanks for lootig , good bye

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