Tikona Broadband unlimited plans

Tikona broadband plans are available in 25 cities India. In this post, I will share the tariff details of Tikona Digital Network wireless broadband services in Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Lucknow, Nagpur, Bhopal, Jaipur, Kanpur, Jabalpur, Allahabad, Agra, Raipur & Meerut. Tikona internet tariffs are same for cities mentioned above.

Tikona is known well known & reliable Internet service providers for home users who provide you high-speed internet at affordable rates. It offers following four types of tariff plans for subscribers

  1. Heavy Usage
  2. Medium Usage
  3. Light Usage
  4. Flexi usage

Tikona Heavy usage unlimited broadband plan

Heavy usage category it offers five tariffs as shown in below table. As the name suggests, all these tariffs are for high monthly data usage. The best tariff in this category is Rs 1300/- per month which offer you a speed of 4Mbps and fair usage policy data limit of 130GB.

Monthly Rental in RsFree usage policy limit in GBSpeed in MbpsSpeed after crossing FUP limit in Mbps

Rs 1499/- per month rental provide you a speed of up to 10Mbps with free usage data limit of 75GB. As per their official website this tariff is available in selected areas depending upon network feasibility.

 Medium usage internet tariff

Medium usage tariffs are the best for home users, and monthly rentals (as per free usage data limit) are lower as compared to other ISPs in the same location.

Monthly rental in RsFUP limit in GBSpeed in MbpsSpeed after crossing FUP in Kbps

A home user who wants to subscribe Tikona broadband, he can start with these average data usage data tariffs. After using them for three months he/she can upgrade on downgrade the existing tariff as per their monthly data requirements.

Light usage broadband unlimited plans

It offers four unlimited internet plans in this category. These are the small rental and data usage tariffs as specified in the name itself. Lowest one will cost you Rs 500/- month with  10GB data usage & 2Mbps speed.

Monthly rental in RsFUP limit in GBSpeed in MbpsSpeed after crossing FUL limit in Kbps

Highest rental cost you Rs 799/- per month with 20GB FUP limit & 10 Mbps speed. But this tariff is available in selected locations depending upon the technical feasibility of the network.

Flexi usage tariffs

These are limited usage tariffs with the validity of more than one month. Minimum rent starts from Rs 3300/- which offers 40GB data with 6-month validity & 2Mbps speed. It will cost you Rs 550/- month with 6.67 GB data. But in light usage category by paying Rs 500/- you will get 10 GB data with same speed.

Rental in RsData limit in GBSpeed in MbpsValidity in Months

In a similar way, you can analyze all Flexi usage tariffs and can select best for your home or office.

Conclusion: Tikona provides a wide variety of plans in 4Mbps speed category, and most of the home users prefer this speed. The best one is Rs 750/- per month which provide you 30GB FUP data limit with 4Mbps speed. It is a bestseller plan as per their official website.

Please do remember to check rates from their official site before subscribing any tariff.
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  1. I stay in surat, is tikona broadband available here? Do I have access to all the plans mentioned above? I have got many positive reviews for tikona from my friends in mumbai. Hence, i want to try it out once if it is available in my city.

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