What is FUP (Fair usage policy) limit?

Fair usage policy is implemented with a view that some subscribers may use an excessive amount of Network Bandwidth. It may reduce the available bandwidth for the other customers. Broadband FUP limit may control such subscribers. Hence ISPs are providing equal opportunity for customers to access the internet. Different ISPs have different tariff plans as per requirement of different Subscribers.  Hence the customers of low download usage per month do not pay more.


Fair Usage Policy (FUP) Limit

When a customer’s data usage (download plus upload) touches a threshold value of subscribed plan, the service provider’s network reduced the BB speed to the minimum level as per fair usage policy limit. This threshold value is called fair usage policy limit of the plan. Fair usage policy limit is commonly used for unlimited Broadband plans. You must check the FUP limit before subscribing any unlimited BB data plan.

What is Fair usage policy in Internet


FUP’s relation with Internet Speed

Internet speed is the speed of data at which internet service providers are providing the Broadband services. For unlimited data download plans, speed gets reduced after crossing the fair usage limit.

Suppose a Rs 500 per month plan with 2 Mbps speed up to 2 GB ( FUP ) and after FUP speed is 512 Kbps. So here 2 GB is the fair usage limit, and after 2 GB data usage, maximum internet speed will get degraded to 512 Kbps.

Hence before taking a New Unlimited Broadband Plan, subscribers must check the fair usage policy limit. To find the fair usage policy limit, you just visit the internet service provider’s website and search for unlimited data or internet plans. There you will get all the details.


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