Best wi-fi modem for bsnl broadband connection

BSNL is the largest ADSL internet service provider in India. Earlier customers used to purchase the Wireless modems from the ISP due to non-availability of suitable devices in the open market. Nowadays these devices are readily available in the market as well as online. Customer needs to install modems with MTNL & BSNL Broadband connections or any other ISP which provides Internet connection using ADSL technology.  These devices are very durable, and you won’t find any issue with them. If you change your ISP then also you can use them.

Best wireless modem for bsnl ADSL internet connection

ADSL Wireless Routers

As there are many companies are providing modems and same is creating the confusion in the minds of customers that which one is the best for them. Mostly preferred modems are Iball Baton, D-Link, TP link & Netgear. All these are of best quality, cost effective, high wireless range & having very simple setup procedure.  So here is the list of modem BSNL & MTNL broadband connection.


I-ball baton ADSL Routers are widely used with BSNL/MTNL internet connection. It supports up to 24Mbps in downstream & up to 3.5Mbps in upstream. It has all the features like IP filtering, MAC filtering, WPA2 encryption, etc. It is best for home users or small office users. IBall Baton 150M is available at very economical prices & it starts around Rs 1200/- on Amazon. Here is a link to buy.


D-link is also an excellent option for customers who want to buy the best Router at a low price. Most used model is DSL-2750U WIRELESS N ADSL2+ 4 Port Wi-Fi router. It supports 24Mbps data in upstream & 1 Mbps in downstream. It also has firewall protection, user access control, WPA2 encryption security, etc.  Here is the link to buy is from Amazon.


TP-link ADSL routers are a better option for customers at a low price. It also has the almost same features like mentioned in Iball  & D-link. Buy Netgear from Amazon.


Netgear a cost-effective option for home users. Setup is easy and straightforward, high wireless signal range, security features like WPA/WPA2 enabled. It comes in various shapes, sizes & colors.  Here is a link to buy it from Amazon.

Please do remember that modem & router are two different devices. ADSL modem has a DSL port which is used to connect with ISPs copper wire whereas Router doesn’t have it.  In a case of any doubt, please comment below.


    1. Actually Router & modem are two different things. The model of TP link router which you have mentioned is a Router. So can’t be used as a modem for BSNL DSL/ADSL Broadband connection. You have to purchase a modem for that. I have given a list of best DSL modems in my post. You can check them. D-link & I-ball DSL modem are my favorite.

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